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Application examples for Biotecta®

Wood in interior and exterior areas:

With Biotecta® treated wood is protected with the fourfold effect of Biotecta®.
A wooden porch or outside timber can also be fitted with UV protection.

Fiber roofs:

Straw or palm leaf-covered roofs can be protected with the fourfold effect with Biotecta® . Worth mentioning here is the termite protection and the embanked fire risk.

Wooden veneers:

Wood veneer can easily be attached to wood panels with Biotecta® and are protected with to fourfold effect of Biotecta® .


Since Biotecta® is also suitable as a binder, any large panels of all possible fibers can be produced. For example, a panel made from wood, waste paper or other fibers can be produced with the appropriate technology. The panels are then protected with the fourfold effect of Biotecta® .
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